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Music Specialist Services

    • School bands - do you have a song you want to learn but need help with the arrangement?
    • Do you want to record your own original song at school but need help piecing it all together, ie; notating all the instruments or writing chords charts?
    • Would you like to compose your own theme and have your school orchestra/band/ensemble play it?
    • Would you like to learn how to arrange and notate a song on Sibelius?
    • Would you like to arrange a song for a vocal group? eg; SATB or different combo?
    • Would you like to arrange a song for the school concert band? (advanced)
    • Would you like help producing/recording your music using the school music suite?
    • How about running a School House Music Competition? pick a style out of a hat!
    • If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions then I am available to facilitate a music group at a time that suits your students timetable (yes, even the lunch hour!)


I specialise in many styles of music including 'pop/rock, light jazz, easy listening, orchestral theme music, instrumental cues for film (mood), piano music and other short orchestral pieces. This music can be presented as an audio file or notated for performances by orchestra, ensemble, band, or solo instrument. To listen to some selected pieces, please click here.

Canz (Composer's Association of NZ) have compiled some very useful information regarding commissiong a composer to write for you, see here.

I would be very pleased and proud to write a commission for your orchestra or ensemble, please contact me here to discuss.

Please contact me here with your email address and I will send you a link.

Music Creations
Music Creations
Music Creations
Music Creations
Music Creations


Even though the song has already been composed, there is much to consider before commencing an arrangement of a song:

Music Creations
    • Listening & Research - youtube is a great place to start with sometimes many variations of the same song;
    • Instrumental line-up - 3 flutes and guitar? bassoon, trombone and piccolo? which instruments do you have available?
    • Feature instruments - do you have a star performer that needs a solo spot?
    • Key and vocal range - the biggest consideration when arranging a song - we want the vocalist to sing in their natural range.
    • Ability of the players - beginner, intermediate, advanced?
    • Length and customising to suit - how many times through the song? is there a spot required for a voice-over? or instrumental solo? do you want the song to join another song as in a medley?
    • Transposition - is the song to be transposed at any time? sometimes this is good to use at the climax of the song
    • Balancing the sections - the sound needs to balance correctly within each section (woodwind, brass, percussion and strings)

Please contact me here and specify your requirements.

All arrangements are charged by total of bars (length of piece) multiplied by the total lines (staves), for example;

    • Piano treble and bass clef are 2 lines; vocal, lyrics and chords attract a further 3 lines;
    • Vocal lines are 2 lines including melody and lyrics;
    • Guitar notation, tab and chords are individual lines, total 3 lines;
    • Arrangements will be emailed as a pdf score including full conductor's score and individual parts.
    • Please download my current Arranging Rates 2015 here for further information.


A skilled piano performer in a wide variety of styles, I create real, live ambience at restaurants, weddings, receptions, Christmas functions, Corporate functions, etc. I offer a varied repertoire from light jazz to contemporary, easy listening, movie and tv themes, latin and requests. Something for everyone. Remember your dancing shoes!

Please see here for performance dates. Hope to see you soon!

Music Creations


    • Frank Sinatra
    • Elton John
    • Whitney Houston
    • Billy Joel
    • Henry Mancini
    • Bruno Mars

For further information please contact me here

Music for Websites

Music is an extremely powerful tool to use on your website and will influence and persuade your audience by ingeniously appealing to their sub-conscious. Cool huh?

Music supports the drama in every mood imaginable; a few examples follow,

    • By enhancing the visual - what you see is also what you hear!
    • By emotional impact - an intimate moment appears so much more when sensitive, thought provoking music accompanies the scene
    • By building up the tension - sharp, urgent music , irregular timing can emphasise panic, trauma, adrenalin scenes, etc..,
    • By imitation - musically mimicking movements of characters, especially so in animation
    • By resolving - a subtle shift in character's emotions eg; forgiveness - the music can stir your emotions even further and really pull on the heart strings!

Music has the ability to stimulate our senses and manipulate our perception of what we see.

In the case of websites, creating ambience to support the visual images will then greatly enhance the audience's perception of your products and/or services. It's sales, right?

TV and Radio Advertisers are well aware of the advantages of using music. It will inspire, motivate and persuade their audience to buy their products or services.

Movie directors are also well aware of the benefits of using music. They know they can use music in a variety of ways to psychologically sustain or manipulate their audience.

'If you would like a musical assessment on your website, please contact me here.